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We're open! Pick Up, Delivery, Uber Eats! We missed you.

We deliver in downtown for $2 with a minimum order of $20.

Fresh, delicious, Japanese fare in a small, quaint spot in downtown Vancouver. Come experience the flavors that we carefully craft and prepare. Our menu is constantly being updated with new experiments and you are invited to join us. See you soon!

Read Covid-19 Policy+

The health and safety of our valuable customers and employees are always YUI’s first priority!

We take the following health and safety measures to protect you and ourselves.

  • * All customers and delivery service drivers will be requested to follow our instructions to maintain social distance of 2 metres while waiting for pick up
  • * We offer hand sanitizer at the cashier counter for customers and employees
  • * All menus and debit machines will be sanitized after every usage
  • * All employees must follow the strict hygiene protocol to maintain the highest hygiene standard at all time
  • * All employees must wear PPE during operation

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